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PGA Merchandise Show - January 2018

Flaunting in Florida was published in The Golf Business 

I had forgotten about the buzz at the PGA Merchandise Show, which I hadn’t been to for a few years, but this year I wanted to go back and take a look amid rumours it wasn’t as good, it had got smaller, not as many people were going and all the other little things I had heard over the previous few years.  So off I toddle in January representing The Golf Business for the first time - my remit, to check out the weird and wonderful products on offer this year.
And I did find them, the weird, the wonderful and the downright great ideas which may or may not succeed in this tough marketplace of evolving products and the ‘next best thing'.
Here is a brief synopsis of a few of these, maybe not so quirky products but all note worthy

Popticals - golf sunglasses - not new, I’ve reviewed golf sunglasses before, so what makes popticals different?  Using optic industry leaders Carl Zeiss NYDEF nylon lenses, which help reduce weight by up to 18%  as well as colour saturation which in turn increases the ability to read undulations on the course, as well as the light to dark shadows cast across the fairway on a summers day.  They are in themselves good all round sports sunglasses, however what makes the double unique is their ability to pack and travel anywhere in a small fold-up self contained unit. which makes them great for the traveling golfer.  A hardy, probably near indestructible hard shell carry case is half the size of normal sunglasses cases due to the unique nature of the FL2 micro-rail system which quickly and easily enables the sunglasses to fold in half.  And to top it all - they look pretty trendy too with a variety of frames to choose from.  No more loosing your sunglasses at the bottom of the golf bag, only to finally find them having slipped out their case, covered in last years banana and scratched to pieces, they have an tag to attach to the golf bag when not in use.

J Lindeberg - now it has to be said that if my J Lindeberg himself is behind the counter, at the PGA Show, the means something -his passion for this well known clothing brand has not waned.   The range of products not only get a big thumbs up from me, but a certain admiration to the chap himself.  The J Lindeberg clothing range is not new, it has in some respects been market leaders for the mens clothing but their inclusion of a varied range of ladies golf clothing has also caught my eye.  Why?  because their same attention to detail and style has been applied to the lady golfers apparel as it has to the mens.  Sharp clean lines of quality material with no unnecessary fussy non-functional bits added to makes the clothing look frilly or less trim, it is all about the cut of the cloth.  J Lindeberg also produce everyday ladies clothing and the thought processes behind the design of the golf clothing is the flexibility of multi-use clothing, you don’t need to get changed after golf to go and do the shopping, J Lindeberg clothes are simply chic and comfortable enough to be worn anywhere, style and comfort are paramount.
Appreciating that the ladies apparel is a different market, they have done their research and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it out-sell other leading brands in the future. 

Weatherman Umbrella - the humble golf umbrella - how can that be improved upon, we have storm umbrellas, ones for sun and one for high winds, we have different shapes and sizes and don’t even think about the colours options.  The weatherman umbrella took me a little while to get my head around - I couldn’t figure out why I would need bluetooth connectivity on a golf course and why on the umbrella itself? It has an integrated app to give you the weather forecast and syncs with your existing bluetooth technology - there is even a little pocket to put your phone in whilst playing golf.  Now I am not advocating to get your phone out, talk as loudly as possible and dial into conference calls whilst playing golf, but for emergency use, it might be useful?
Tested in wind tunnels, water and sun proof this umbrella is all singing all dancing golf umbrella, and most likely just whats needed in the Great British weather - but I did giggle when I was told the app forewarned me of impending showers - not even our whether men on the television can get that right!

A variety of the good, the bad and the downright ugly caught my eye at the PGA Merchandise Show this year, and I am forever curious to see which produces make it or not.

Kankura Golf Shoes, Portugal

Reviewed 2016

A relatively new golf shoe manufacturer, I was asked to review the Kankura Golf Shoes for the lady golfer marketplace.  After all girls simply cannot have enough shoes, so why should golf shoes be any different?

Made of soft leather the shoes come in a variety of colours with either contrasting or colour matching the shoe was the trademark ‘K’ design on the side of the shoes.  Ideal for summer play or for the golf holiday, the sole is made of small diamonds for grip.

Soft and pliable yet sturdy soles meet soft pliable leather for added comfort.

Coming in its own little tote carry bag complete with a shoe horn, pick up the ensemble and you're set to go.
One of the best things about these shoes is the variety of colours they come in - whether you are the kind of girl (or boy) who matches their outfits - shoes, golf bags, clothing, hats (we all know the type, and enviably smart they look too) then these Kankura shoes are just the ticket.  Ladies shoes tend to come in more colourful options than the mens but the mens do look smart.  My business partner was sent the brown ones
and I liked those as much as I liked my blue and white ones, in fact the mens are so versatile they can be worn as a regular shoe - ideal when just nipping up to the club for a few holes and you don't want the bother of changing when you arrive or for in the clubhouse afterwards.  The ladies shoes on the reverse lend themselves to be worn as you would a comfy pair of trainers, so not party dress but certainly a versatile shoe.  We loved these shoes and being able to pop down from your hotel room ready to play is a massive advantage on your next golf holiday.

 Buy your lovely Kankura shoes at

Dawg gone it - Sundog have done it again!

Review date June 2015

Being a relatively recent convert to the wearing of sunglasses for golf, I was delighted to be able to give the new technology the True Blue Lens offers to sunglasses, and how it differed to ‘regular’ sunglasses.

The design called Dash are a sleek all black frame and lens, a stylish yet timeless looking sunglasses to be worn with pretty much anything.  Making you not only looks like a professional golfer but giving you the protection from the bright sunshine.  Do all sunglasses offer this level of ‘brightness filtration’?  Well no, they don’t and when you’re out on the golf course there is often no cover from the bright sunshine and you need to know that the sun is being ‘managed’ to suit you and your game.

A simple timeless design that enables you to forget about the glare and simply just get on with your game

I’ve got to be honest; I took one look at these and thought, I’m really not sure.  These are hard core sunglasses, designed for hard-core sports men and women – I’m not sure hitting a little white ball around a field, albeit a manicured field puts me as a hard core sports person.  However, the design features I didn’t like the look of are actually the best thing about the PACE glasses and one which I’m glad to write about.  The True Blue lens is, as mentioned, simply stunning at filtering out the harsh light but the design of these sunglasses are absolutely perfect for sports such as cycling.  Why, being frameless sunglasses it is ideal for all sports.  Cycling in the spring morning, the sun high enough in the sky to make a difference, but the early morning temperature being crisp, eyes watering from the cool morning breeze the frameless glasses don’t hinder the dripping eyes - magic

Some sunglasses still need the odd squint, the True Blue lens ones don’t, they do actually filter out the glare.

The tinted glass rally does not put you off your stroke, , it completely takes out the glare and enables you to focus on what you’re there to do –play golf un-hindered.  I am now a complete convert to wearing these Sundog sunglasses whilst playing golf, having to check myself when reaching for them even on a dull grey day on the golf course!

Paula Creamer Sundog Sunglasses - Captiva

What we say - Review date December 2014

I wouldn’t normally wear sunglasses whilst playing golf, instead opting for a sun visor or hat, but recently I’ve experienced some headaches so gave the Captiva ones a go – wow amazing.

Smoke/BlackFadeBrown/Gold/DemiI cannot believe that the tinted glass does not put you off, especially with putting but it doesn’t, it completely takes out the glare and enables you to focus on what you’re there to do –play golf un-hindered.

I thought that they might slip down the nose the more you played in the heat, but they didn’t, they stayed in place for the whole round due to the nose pad.  What is more, for me to pack them into my golf bag in a packet that is on the outside, they haven’t been damaged (so far!)

I am now a complete convert to wearing these Sundog sunglasses whilst playing golf.

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John O'Hern  Sweetspot - Confessions of a Golfaholic

John contacted me to see if I wanted to read his book – Sweetspot confessions of a golfaholic and duly sent it to me.

What we say: Review date November 2014 

Being an intermittent reader, it took me a few weeks to start reading it, but once I did, I couldn’t put it down.  I’m a night reader and found myself laughing out loud at parts and relaying to my husband with a bemused look, giggling like a school child who can draw perfect comparisons to characters for parts of this book.  I looked forward to going to bed so I could start to read the next instalment.

Whilst about golf, the references to the sport are not over bearing or too technical, a non-golfer or a golf widow would be able to pick it up and understand the story, again drawing similarities their own lives with humour.

A well written light-hearted book for anyone who plays golf and for anyone who doesn’t – for the fun people in life who can not only laugh out loud but be able to laugh at themselves being in the situations clearly described in this great book. 

Available from Amazon priced $12.88

Still not convinced?  Take a look at these snap shots from the play taken from the book

2013 Club Glider Journey Orange/Plaid
In Orange and Plaid

Sun Mountain Club Glider
What we say: Review Date February 2014
When I first saw the club glider I was impressed.  However, it isn’t until one starts to use it that one really appreciates the functionality of this golf travel bag.

Packing it was easy; the moulded base enables the golf bag to slide into the cavity with ease, allowing plenty of space for a standard size bag.  With internal pockets for the extra golf equipment we golfers like to carry around were plentiful and big enough to accommodate shoes plus some.  Having internal straps enabled the clubs to sit in the tray and retain their position whilst travelling and being thrown around by less than careful baggage handlers. Once the bag was fully packed the heavy duty zips did hold their own and were easy to manipulate into position. The spring out legs are the icing on the cake, they were easily extended and retracted and made the club glider a doddle to manoeuvre.  All you need is one finger – in fact it glides so easily it got away from me in the stone floor hotel lobby whilst trying to manage the other more cumbersome suitcase bags. Unloading the club glider was just as easy, release the internal straps and pull out the golf bag – that easy.  The top part of the club glider which covers the club heads is so well padded it keeps the clubs from bashing against each other in transit.
Not only does the Club Glider offer all the above in spades, but when you’ve finished with it, simply fold the top into the tray, retract the legs and pack it away to store until the next time you travel – it takes up so little storage space when not in use.
What a great product, I attracted many looks and comments and was able to tell people about the Club Glider with first-hand knowledge. RRP £129.99

Voice Caddie VC200EN

What we say: Review Date December 2013
There are many GPS systems on the market for golf, so many in fact that the simple ones often stand out as the best.  Voice Caddie provides basic information- for the version I tested was to the middle of the green only.
Having that information to hand has enabled my club selection to be much better than previously.  Knowing what distance you can hit a particular club inevitably reduce the number of shots taken to reach the green.
I’ve always steered away from GPS systems for golf play – relying instead on the 100/150/200 yard markers, but now I’ve had the use of the Voice Caddie; I really can’t see how I managed without one.  In fact I feel a bit lost without one and become the proverbial pest asking anyone what the distance is to the green.
The clip-on feature means you don’t have to mess about with taking gloves off, shading the screen from bright sunlight or clearing it from the rain – you simply press a button and you’re given a distance to the centre of the green.
If like me, you wear it on your cap/hat it also comes with a handy ball marker on the underside therefore reducing the amount of ‘essential’ things on the cap and you look less like the pearly queen.
I understand later versions offer more detailed information that the version tested.
Whichever GPS system you choose, don’t exclude the Voice Caddie from your short list.
RRP £99

Special Offer - Book a group of 12 or more golfers with Red Tee Breaks and receive a FREE Voice Caddie VC200EN.  
Terms and Condition apply.

What we say: Review date 2013
H2N0 White/Red
Having a carry bag is one of the most useful pieces of flexible equipment a golfer could own as it lends itself to playing locally as well travelling, without compromise.  The Sun Mountain carry bag is no exception to this, plus some.   The colour range for the Staff H2NO bags has taken a new slant, with colour tones to co-ordinate you best outfits.  A fully waterproof carry bag with taped zips and padded shoulders for extra comfort.  It is a little heavier than a pencil bag, but being a full carry bag enables plenty of pockets to carry those essential extras in too.  A great bag to own.

Waterproofs.  Available in a variety of styles for both men and lady golfers and incorporating GORE-TEX technology a must have waterproof

What we say: Review date 2013
The Alva Trousers
Having the fit of a normal pair of golf trouser with the added elasticated waist meant the Alva trousers looked smart when worn.  They were trialled with trousers underneath, as well as with nothing and with leggings.  The Alva trousers were comfortable and warm, with whatever was worn underneath, but as the properties of the trousers were geared up for wet, cold and/or windy days by far the most comfortable was with leggings as they didn’t hinder the cut of the trousers and enabled complete movement.  Personally, I would prefer the trousers to be slightly longer in leg length - but I am tall.
The Aim Jacket
Coming in a variety of colours the Aim jacket is a good choice to compliment any outer wear outfit.  It looks smart and is comfortable to wear.  Pockets were in a position to enable full use, whether carrying the bag or using a trolley, they were easily accessible. 
The Aura Hat
A great design enabling the back of the neck to keep dry as well and the good sized rim of the hat to keep the face as dry as possible.  The chin strap is a little annoying as it does dig in if the wind is blowing.  Galvin Green does another hat without the shin strap (Ant). Also, if having long hair tied up the hat doesn’t fit properly on the head –maybe in this case the Abel cap would be more suitable as the hole in the back allows for long hair.   It is nice to see there are options to suit all needs. We hope to get the Abel Cap shortly so watch this space for an update – Im sure we won’t be disappointed.
The overall appearance of the outfit was very smart and professional looking with a variety of colour options.  Couple this with the ability of crossing one design with another to choose what they want gives the customer a good choice for a complete outfit.
Whilst playing at Conwy on a particularly wet Sunday morning with a group of 12 golfers, it was noticed that I was the only one completely dry after the game (with the exception of feet – thanks Footjoy LoPros!)  That speaks volumes as it is one thing for the wearer to keep dry, but another for other golfers to notice and talk about it-well done, keep up the good work.

Sun Mountain H2No Speed Cart
What we say: Review date April 2013
·     Solid construction
·     Easy to fit and remove the golf bag
Speed Cart V1 Sport Black·     Rolls well and is easy to push
· Lots of handy storage boxes and pockets around the handle
·     Very stable
·     The brake ensures the trolley stays where you leave it
·      Adjustable handle high
·      Umbrella holder

·     It’s a little on the heavy side, when lifting it in & out of the car
·     Fold down size isn’t very compact
·     The narrow wheels aren’t accepted on some courses following heavy rain
·      The whole package trolley and bag can be heavy to push up hills

I have used the trolley over the last 3 months and find it a well-made, easy to use trolley, it rolls well with the minimum of effort, about the best you can do without a battery. My bag fits simply on to the holders, which once adjusted to your bag size don’t need to be changed again, bag straps are not required and the bag does not slip round like some other trolleys. The construction of the trolley is solid and it should last for years, however the problem is this does make the trolley a little on the heavy side when lifting it in or out of the car, but once it’s set-up ready to use it feels very light.

Grip-Par Golf Gloves
What we say: Review date March 2013
Meeting Stuart, the inventor, one can’t do anything except be drawn in by his infectious enthusiasm about the product he developed as a result of a hand injury he incurred which left him unable to go about his everyday life as a builder.
Grip Aid was founded, with other uses quickly following, one such being Grip-Par; the golf glove.  Simplicity by design it’s amazing that such a product can actually not only encourage you to grip the golf club correctly, especially useful for beginners and those with a weak grip but can extend the golfing life for those of us, through injury or through RA, RSI or a hand injury with its unique strapping technology.
Using the golf glove you can still inter-lock the fingers to grip the club, with the strapping coming from the inside of the palm to lock the glove over the back of the knuckles.  For sufferers with ‘curled’ fingers, don’t despair Grip-Par have thought about that too by offering a mitten style Grip-Par glove where a baseball grip would be used.
Designed by someone who has been in the same boat as many who suffer from hand injuries or debilitating conditions affecting the hands – what price do you put on being able to continue to play golf into twilight years?
Also available as a general sports glove for tennis, squash etc, as a household glove-sold by the pair- great for gardening, as a light weight tubi-grip style for light household work eg holding the saucepan and dusting  and as heavy duty DIY glove – all giving you a better quality of life

Raa Putting Without Fear New to the golf scene Raa putters represent an exciting technological breakthrough in putter design. Golfers can now benefit from a combination of innovative features which guarantees correct set-up and optimum ball-to-putter contact, leading to improved distance control and the elimination of side spin; something that can often ruin a golfer's game. 
 Review Date 2012/2013 What we say: Being a user of the Odyssey two ball putter previously, the transition to the Raa putter was made with ease.  Whilst the Raa putter comes in a blade and mallet, the mallet was the one chosen to review.
To review a product one needs to be able to assess it in all conditions, wet, hot and cold – this has had a fair assessment and the build quality has stood up to this test with ease. 
The first thing I noticed when using the putter was how the ball left the putter head – like a hot knife through butter.  It seemed to hit the ball with such ease, no ricochet or clunking the ball but a nice smooth gentle yet firm touch which held its line though the stroke.  This hasn't faded with time.
The dotted indicators on the top of the putter assist the line of the putt from back swing to contact to follow through.
The base of the putter encourages the head to rest on the ground squarely at address – hold that line and you’ll be rewarded.
The weight of the head suits my style of golf, however, some people did struggle with keeping the line on back swing and therefore on follow through.
 An interesting observation whilst not conclusive, give the Raa mallet putter to a lady and she’ll rest it on the ground squarely – letting the putter do the work and generally with good results.  Give that same putter to a man and they would tend to life the toe of the putter up and hit the ball to one side.  Pointing out ‘gender’ difference upon address men often improved their results.  As said not a scientific test, just an observation watching men and ladies use the putter.  Revised 2013 - Im pleased to advise the with continued use of the RAA putter yields consistent results.  The putter handle has been replaced with a G-Rip one which has made a big difference to the way it reacts in wet weather - with the reaction being for the better. In my opinion RAA and G-Rip would make an excellent partnership.  Most wear and tear is on the putter head cover.

Linden Replacement Batteries Six reasons why you should up-grade to Lithium with Linden Golf: Longer Battery Life, More Usable Power Available, Built-in Battery Management, 75% Lighter, Shorter Charge Time, and finally they Fit Virtually any Electric Trolley. 
The Linden Lithium battery kit comprises a Lithium battery and a dedicated, state-of-the art, Lithium battery charger. We also supply a standard fitting for Powakaddy® electric trolleys and an adaptor for other popular trolleys such as Motocaddy®, Hillbilly® and Powerbug which use a standard Torberry connector
What we sayReview date January 2013
The technical spec. and special features tells the story, however usage is the happy ending to a good story.  I have been using the Linden lithium battery for about 6 months on a regular basis.  It has been used with a Powakaddy trolley without any problems with adaptation.  It has also been used whilst travelling and it is here that it really comes into its own.  When you have a suitcase and golf equipment to carry to the hotel room each night and back again the next morning the battery is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back, however the Linden lithium battery is simply popped into the handbag and easily transported, couple this with the time to charge the battery means you can put it on charge at the end of the day, have dinner and by the time you go to bed, the battery is charged and you can switch off the charging devise so you haven’t got to listen to the fan going or have the charging light keeping you awake at night in the hotel room.  Just brilliant.
Having a non-trolley branded lithium battery means it can be shared with your spouse who may want to use it for a different electric trolley, the beauty of flexibility of the adaptation kit which comes with the battery.
Any serious golfer will see and reap the benefits of owning a Linden lithium battery and won’t want to go back to using a normal lead acid one 
Update January 2014 - Battery still going strong and still last 18 holes with ease.

Fit39 Golf gloves One of the best gloves around! 
Now available in the UK! Fit39 EX, Fit39 Heart and Fit39 Safari Golf Gloves; the very best of the Japanese and the Far Eastern Golf Scene.
What we say: Review Date: Summer 2012:  These gloves not only look funky but fit - well, like a glove!  They stretch and bend with the movement of the hand.  Coming in a variety of colours they can be teamed with many outfits - or you could buy one eye catching one to contrast.  The Fit39 gloves don't smell - strange thing to say, but they can be left in the golf bag and pulled out as fresh as the day you bought them.  They also wash well and retain their shape and colour.  The sizes are quite big, so be mindful of ordering the correct size.
Want one? see