Thursday, 31 March 2016

Quick touch up - yes please

I'm not that good at having golf lessons, despite Tim Hall, my golf pro at Ross on Wye Golf Club being particularly good at giving them, I'm not that good at forward thinking and actually booking the lessons in the first place.
But why - I want to get better, I want to have a lovely swing that everyone admires and I want to do well - not to the point of not enjoying the game of golf, more to be able to hold my own. I don't spend any time practising the game, my technique or applying myself beyond the normal running up to the tee a few minutes before a game, hitting the golf ball usually having a laugh on the course and occasionally playing some decent golf.
Maybe I don't have enough lessons because I don't apply enough importance to them -but I am now happy to say that after this morning; a crisp, sunny spring-like morning I did have a lesson, and yes I did need a few touch-ups, maybe tweaks is the better term to use.  But that was all really. I guess I knew one of my 'faults'- too much of a back swing is one I am guilty of.  I guess it gives the game away when I can see the club head out of my left eye on my back swing, being right handed that isn't so good, but there were other things Tim reminded me about - don't over-flex the knees and widen the stance - all great things that I didn't realise I was doing and all good things to be reminded about at the start of another hectic season.
I have written before about the importance of going to the correct golf-pro for you, often the golf pro is attached to your golf club, but it really doesn't matter, so long as you can have a good rapport with him or her and they can impart their knowledge to you in a way that you can understand it.
So when I stand on the tee on Saturday - arriving much earlier - maybe even for a warm up (heaven forbid!) I won't look like a piece of elastic on dope and will look like a proper golfer - if only for the first tee shot (please!)
Thanks Tim for your patience and understanding, for not nagging and for making the lessons fun and easy for me to understand  - can I have another one soon?
Ladies, gents - and anyone in between - find your Tim in your golfing life, he will pay dividends I'm sure of it