Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Valhalla and day old golf

I'm not one to read the last page of a novel before I get to it, I usually like to build up to the crescendo at the end, so it has taken me by surprise that when watching Rory win his 4th Major at Valhalla aged just 25 years the day after he won it was quite liberating.
Rain put play back in the US, which has a knock on effect of plus 5 hours to the golfing enthusiasts in the UK. But I couldn't take another late night and felt my eyes closing at the most inappropriate places; the ball hovering over the hole and black - I'd nodded off.  Getting a bit annoyed as my bed was calling, I succumbed and pressed the record button.
Rudely awaken by the alarm the next morning telling me Rory had won I didn't think anything else about it.  It wasn't until later that day realising there was nothing on TV (again) I set about watching the recorded PGA match at Valhalla.
And I was totally captivated.  Despite knowing the ending I was taken aback as to how the match was won. Maybe knowing the result made me focus on the how rather than on the result.  The turning points, good and bad for all the players. Phil and Rickie giving way to Rory on the 18th I'd heard about through the course of the day, but seeing it in action added greater importance to the act. That blasted bunker shot for Rory on the 18th was 'safe' to say the least and even knowing the result two shots away from the lead the final putt to inches of the hole was no less nerve-racking.  It was a great match and could have gone either way with the top boys in contention until the last.  Phil, Rory, and Rickie played befitting to their ability, not forgetting Henrik, who seems to have dropped by the way-side for accolades but tied with Rickie in third place. Stalwarts Jim and Ernie showing great resolve to come in well below at 12 and 11 under respectively.
It was without a doubt excellent viewing, a display of sportsmanship rarely seen in other sports, BUT I saw it 24 hours later and appreciated it so much more.
That surprised me.